AAAA Conference 2014

AAAA Conference 2014

The Australian Automobile Aftermarket Association’s Conference 2014 is being held in Melbourne on 22nd May. The theme will be ‘Shifting Gears’ and there will be a strong focus on innovation. One of the presentations will be ‘Aftermarket Inventory Optimisation, Driving Every Dollar Further’. It will be presented by John Allen, a Director of Horizon Inventory, and the principal architect of Horizon’s Inventory Management software. It will be the only presentation at the conference focusing on improving inventory management.

There are billions of dollars tied up in aftermarket inventory in this country. By thinking differently about how individually and collectively we manage that inventory we can create the capital and the time that is needed to make the automotive aftermarket industry healthier and more profitable.

However achieving faster turns can be a real challenge when so much of the aftermarket product range is slow moving. It is even more challenging in a period of fundamental structural change and the winners (and even those who just survive) will have both the capital and the time to steer through the challenges and get to emerging opportunities faster.

John brings a wealth of experience to this topic along with innovative techniques tailored to the aftermarket. Drawing on material from automotive and other industry client case studies, John will demonstrate how service levels can be improved, excess reduced, cash can be freed up and time created by taking a very different approach to how the inventory investment is managed.

The presentation will show conference participants how they can strengthen their balance sheets, supercharge their businesses, and grow while others struggle.

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