Frequently Asked Questions

What quantity do I order before my supplier shuts down for a month over their summer holidays?

I must remember to get that order in …



What is being recommended for ordering today?

Purchasing Officers know that they have to remember Chinese New Year and the Italian Summer Holidays.  If they don’t then it may be several weeks or a month before there is another ordering opportunity.

They have calendars and spreadsheets with reminders to ensure they don’t miss the ordering window.  And they do things like ‘doubling’ the order to cover the holiday period.

With micq-if it can be much simpler.  The holiday is recorded against the supplier.  When the daily supply planning calculations are done they can consider any interruptions, and not only to your suppliers, but also to your own operations.

And, micq-if will also take account of the forecast and supplier lead time variability pertaining to the holiday period(s), so it will dynamically adjust the safety and the replenishment stock quantities … and you don’t need separate follow up and reminder systems.