Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take advantage of all the system’s features when I just import in containers a couple of times a month?

Even modest levels of Complexity: An Opportunity rather than a problem

Managing complexity is part of most distribution businesses.  How well you manage that complexity often influences the level of profitability you can achieve.  But what happens when the business is greatly simplified to just importing a few containers a month?  Well there often are still more than enough variables for you to encounter significant challenges in managing your business.  You still have to answer many questions.

micq-if can help you juggle all the different decisions that in reality need to be made.  If you think about all the decisions that need to be made and need to be made often under time and cost pressure, there are often significant benefits to be had.  micq-if can help you make the BIG decisions rather than being weighed down by all the little day to day ones.  So you can focus on managing and growing your business rather than just managing each transaction and hoping it will all turn out right in the end.